Zero² Speaker Reference


– Rhodium or Gold over silver plated OFC
– Spades or bananas
– Patent pending Zero technology
– 18 conductors in a fully symmetrical geometry
– 4.5 mm² High purity copper
– 0.06 uH/m Inductance
– Dual function shielding
– Highly flexible
– Price is per pair

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Our Zero² Speaker Reference cable represents a significant step in the evolution of high performance speaker cables.  We have combined two new technologies and thus pushed the level of what is physically possible in terms of reducing the impact a cable has on the sound. Our speaker cable addresses two of the three most important aspects of a speaker cable in a new innovative way. These two are the cable inductance and the signal losses. The third is the cable resistance, where we use a high purity copper conductor with a cross section area of 4.5 mm².

The Zero² Speaker Reference combines Zero technology (patent protected) with an 18-conductor modified Litz construction to reduce the cable inductance to such an extremely low level where it is no longer possible to hear any impact on the sound. With this level of low inductance, the playback system can release the full potential of the recording. The information in the recording will be transferred to the speaker as accurate in timing as is physically possible. The inductance is ~0.06 uH/m.

Zero technology provides transparency and openness in the sound by removing the impact of the insulation material. This improves tonal qualities as well as transient response and micro details. Once experienced, the level of performance is very addictive. Zero technology is about an exceptional experience of clarity, effortless and harmonic richness.

During the development of our speaker cable, we did lot of research in state-of-the-art technologies. During  electromagnetic field simulations of market leading design concepts, we saw a new way to optimize the geometries and the design. A new solution that has never been seen before.

Some of this background work is summarized in the article about speaker cables.

The Speaker Cable

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

2m, 2.5m, 3m, 4 m

Connector Plating

Rhodium over silver plated OFC, Gold over silver plated OFC