Power Cord Reference


Power Connectors
– Gold over silver plated copper
– REGAL 10A Connectors
– Multifilament wires in a Litz geometry
– Instant power due to very low inductance of 0.15uH/m
– 5.0mm² conductors and 4.0mm² safety ground using OFC
– FEP wire insulation
– Flexible polypropylene tubular design with 70% air
– Price is per cable

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 With the Reference level Power cord we have taken a significant step further in terms of instant current delivery capability. This cable is a very low inductance cable with geometries inherited from the Zero² Reference Speaker cable. This makes the cable a very good match with our reference speaker cable. As the Momentum Power cord the Reference Power cord has a reduced magnetic field radiation pattern that also improves the immunity to electromagnetic fields. The Reference Power cord also minimize noise related to currents in safety ground by its low impedance safety ground wiring. The use of FEP (Fluorinated ethylene propylene) wire insulation and a Polypropylene tube with 70% air minimize losses in the electric fields. Very low resistance combined with the very low inductance of 0.15 uH/m results in a low impedance over a wide frequency range. The  inductance is reduced with 80% compared with a standard power cord. Listening tests have shown that low impedance is one of the most important parameters for power cables to get the best possible performance from audio equipment.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 33 × 24 × 7 cm