• ­ 24 bit PCM up to 192 kHz ­
  • Advanced reclocking for ultra low jitter ­
  • Dual Analog Devices R2R D/A converters
  • Separate transformers for digital/analog domains­
  • Supercapacitors powers the analog section
  • Patented Zero technology in the output stage
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The DAC101 is a high ­performance digital ­to ­analog converter (DAC) designed to provide exceptional audio quality for discerning listeners. Utilizing R2R D/A conversion technology and innovative design concepts, the DAC101 delivers transparent sound with natural high resolution, ensuring an immersive listening experience.

DAC Technology

The DAC101 features R2R non­-oversampling technology renowned for its musical qualities, thanks to its simplicity without digital filters or feedback loops. To address sensitivity to clock jitter, advanced reclocking techniques are employed. Additionally, class A output stages and patented Zero technology embedded in the circuit board contribute to authentic timbre and transparent sound reproduction.

 Key Design Concepts
  • Reclocking: Utilizes advanced PLL reclocking for ultra­ low jitter, ensuring precise signal synchronization.
  • Low Loss Signal Path: Ensures minimal signal degradation for pristine audio quality.
  • Class A Output Stage: Delivers high ­fidelity output with minimal distortion and coloration.
  • Passive Analog Power Supply: Provides clean, stable power to the analog components for enhanced sound reproduction.
  • Clean Design: Designed with listeners in mind, featuring a minimalist aesthetic.
  • Supports 24 ­bit PCM audio up to 192 kHz on all digital interfaces.
  • Dual R2R D/A converters for precise signal conversion.
  • 20 ­bit D/A resolution with manually trimmed linearity for accurate audio reproduction.
  • Supercapacitor direct power for the analog audio section, ensuring stable and consistent power delivery.
  • Patented Zero loss technology integrated into the output stage for optimal sound quality

Additional information

Technical Specification

Bandwidth [+0 / ­1 dB] 5 ­- 50 kHz
THD [2 kHz] 0.0025%
Output Impedance [RCA/XLR] 10/20 ohm
Clock Jitter <1 ps
Noise Floor ­130dB
Dimensions [w x h x d] 22 x 11 x 30 cm