Power Distributor



  • IEC C13 – 230 VAC / 50-60 Hz
  • Maximum Power: 3680 VA
  • Gold over Silver plated Copper


  • EU Schuko
  • 6 x Power & Analog
  • 2 x Digital Behind Filter
  • Gold over Silver plated Copper
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Our Power Distributor, PD-1, is specifically engineered to optimize the sonic performance of high-quality audio or video systems. Various technologies are employed to achieve this goal.

  • A line-neutral indicator displays correct wiring and ground to the power distributor, corresponding to the Line – Neutral markings on each power outlet.
  • The conventional star-ground concept is taken a step further to ensure no ground noise currents in the digital domain will affect analog audio components.
  • A non-inductive input filter effectively reduces high-frequency noise without impeding current transients, providing amplifiers with optimal conditions to handle the dynamics of music.
  • A dedicated filter serves as a noise barrier between the analog domain and the comparatively noisier digital domain.
  • The high-current printed circuit board, featuring double-thickness copper, ensures low impedances.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 36 × 17 × 7 cm