Zero RCA Reference


RCA Connectors
– Gold over silver plated OFC
– Teflon insulation
– Optional Rhodium over silver plated OFC

– Patent pending Zero technology
– 99.99% solid core silver conductors
– Unleash the true potential of pure silver
– Dual function hand built shields
– Highly flexible polypropylene outer tube
– Price is per pair

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Zero technology provides transparency and neutrality in the sound by removing the impact of the insulation material. Zero RCA Reference uses single core 99.99% pure silver as the conductor material.

By using our latest Zero technology for silver cables, the cable load capacitance is only 50 pF/m including connectors. This means that the cable is easy to drive even if the source has a relatively high output impedance. Low load capacitance for interconnect cables are essential to preserve a high accuracy time coherence of the music signal.

The combination of Zero technology, highest quality single core silver and low load capacitance improves tonal qualities as well as transient response, micro details and the recreation of the acoustics around instruments and singers. Once experienced, the level of performance is very addictive. It is about an exceptional experience of clarity, effortless and natural harmonic richness. As for any high performance audio cable, the Zero RCA Reference needs break-in time. We recommend at 100-150 hours for silver cables to settle. The reward for the longer break-in time is just incredible. By using M-noise, the break-in time is reduced to about half compared with using music.

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Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 33 × 24 × 7 cm