Digital 75


BNC Connectors
– Gold plated
– Teflon insulation

RCA Connectors
– Gold over silver plated oxygen free copper (same connector as the Zero RCA cables)
– Teflon insulation

– Silver plated solid core copper conductor
– Gas-injected foam high density polyethylene isolation
– Dual copper braid shields
– 75 ohm characteristic impedance
– 1.5m length. Optimized length for minimal jitter

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A hand-built interconnect cable for those seeking maximum transparency and minimal jitter in transport of digital audio and clocks. The cable provides the ideal digital interconnect solution for 75 ohm BNC and RCA connections.

The insulation material in the cable is FHDPE, a Gas-injected Foam High Density Polyethylene. This material is selected for its low dielectric constant, its low losses combined with a very high velocity factor. This results in a low capacitance cable with 53pF/m and a velocity factor of 0.84. Together with tight impedance tolerances these parameters minimize jitter and thereby maximize the audio performance of the connected equipment.

The shield of the cable is a dual layer copper braid. This gives a very low resistance of just 0.007 ohm/m and thus very low noise levels.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 33 × 24 × 7 cm